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SEOCAL value added services for US and International high tech product principals and representatives:

  1. Develop sales relationships between principals and customers and appropriate manufacturer's representatives.

  2. Establish specific marketing and sales plans for each principal in each market area assigned to SEOCAL

  3. Manage the sales program for each principal in appropriate markets. Perform direct sales services and supervise representative programs.

  4. Provide first level technical applications and sales/marketing support functions

  5. Develop pricing strategies for each market

  6. Initiate product promotion programs

  7. Handle literature distribution and translation if required

  8. Arrange for easy product shipment into the US, or from the US

  9. Facilitate order placement, invoicing, and currency payments

  10. Handle import and export logistics

  11. Organize and manage import/export documentation and licensing as appropriate

  12. Keep appropriate local inventory for sales and support

  13. Other marketing and sales functions as required